Thursday, March 20, 2008

Best of Claudine Longet - tracklist (translated from Japanese)

UPDATED March, 24: Tracklist has been translated completely - NO SURPRISES, as I thought. Tracks selection can fit all needs of customers, but there's nothing for fans. Shame on you, Universal Music - it just looks like expanded version of "A&M Digitally Remastered Best", without any rare tracks. No Barnaby years, no single tracks like "A Flea In Her Ear", "Nothing To Lose" and others, no Japanese tracks - only usual album versions that everybody already have (+ a couple of well-known B-sides). So, we'll have another "Nice Price" compilation ($25 for double CD is fairly cheap), and will wait for a miracle again.


New release date for new Claudine 2CD "best of" is now March,29 (was March, 19).

Disc 1 (UICY-8115)
1. Love is Blue
2. Falling in Love Again
3. Meditation
4. Little Man
5. Holiday
6. A Bushel and a Peck
7. Dindi
8. A man and a woman
9. Look of Love
10.Creators of Rain
11.Think of Rain
12.When I'm Sixty-Four
13.Golden slumbers
14.Run Run Wild Free
16.Happy Talk
17.Walk In The Park
18.Sleep Safe and Warm
19.Hurry On Down
20.I Think It's Gonna Rain Today
21.Everybody's Talkin'

Disc 2 (UICY-8116)
1. Hello, Hello
2. Man in a raincoat
3. Here There and Everywhere
4. How Insensitive
5. Good Day Sunshine
6. Mahna De Carnival
7. Who Needs You
8. Something
9. When I Look In Your Eyes
10.Don't Remind Me Now of Time
11.Small Talk
12.I Love How You Love Me
13.The End of the World
14.This Changing World
15.Thank You Baby
16.It's Hard To Say Goodbye
17.Am I Blue
18.Let It Be Me
19.I Think It's Gonna Rain Today
20.Lazy Summer Night
21. I don't Intend to Spend Christmas without You

So, this will be a great CD for Claudine beginners, I think. This compilation covers 42 of her 70+ tracks from A&M era (more than a half).

Friday, March 7, 2008

Claudine Longet - so-called "UK fanclub DVD"

Well, I finally got it. A very nice compilation of rare Claudine footage (dated 2006), including a lot of episodes from Andy Williams show as well as some TV series. The worst thing is that all material has been previously recorded on VHS and after that transferred to DVD MPEG format, so the quality of remastered videos from "Rat Patrol", "Journey to San Juan", "Combat!" and others is poor enough (but could be much better). Seems that person who did it, had very small experience in montage and transferring videos. You can check screenshots that Mordi did on his Love Claudine page (post from Sunday, May 20, 2007) to see strokes on images (if videos were transferred directly from DVD to DVD, the picture could be without these strokes). If the creator of this DVD will read it and will wish to recreate this DVD with better picture quality, authoring (menu) and other - please contact me and we'll do it together.

P.S. The screenshot above is from Love Claudine (just an example of strokes on picture).

Claudine Longet International Discography...

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