Friday, March 7, 2008

Claudine Longet - so-called "UK fanclub DVD"

Well, I finally got it. A very nice compilation of rare Claudine footage (dated 2006), including a lot of episodes from Andy Williams show as well as some TV series. The worst thing is that all material has been previously recorded on VHS and after that transferred to DVD MPEG format, so the quality of remastered videos from "Rat Patrol", "Journey to San Juan", "Combat!" and others is poor enough (but could be much better). Seems that person who did it, had very small experience in montage and transferring videos. You can check screenshots that Mordi did on his Love Claudine page (post from Sunday, May 20, 2007) to see strokes on images (if videos were transferred directly from DVD to DVD, the picture could be without these strokes). If the creator of this DVD will read it and will wish to recreate this DVD with better picture quality, authoring (menu) and other - please contact me and we'll do it together.

P.S. The screenshot above is from Love Claudine (just an example of strokes on picture).

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