Monday, June 29, 2009

Sugar is black!

Well, unfortunately there's a little error below - initial pressing of "Sugar Me" is on 180 gram black vinyl, and later there will be 140 gram yellow vinyl pressings. Records are already available for a purchase. I also hope to see it in all good record stores.


  1. hi!
    go to ebay and type in 'claudine longet sings the beatles' and see what comes up...

    do you know anything about this? is it official?

  2. Hi Mordi!

    Yes, Dom told me about it few days ago. In fact, I was surprised as you was. When I'll get the copy, I can say more.

  3. Ok ,cool.

    i like the cover but the inside sleeve, the christmas family picture of claudine and andy is edited very poorly which makes me think it's unofficial.

    i look forward to your verdict!

  4. Hmm, I don't think it's an inner sleeve, it looks like folded poster for me. There's something black on pic that look like inner sleeve with printed text or something like this. However, I can be wrong.

  5. i have just come back from a few days in madrid where i bought 'we've only just begun' LP where all the song titles are written in spanish with the english titles in brackets underneath. its in very good condition too!


  6. great! if you can send me good quality scans, I can add it to discography


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